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In a world saturated with communication advice, Peter Andrei's "How Highly Effective People Speak" stands out. This book delves deeper, exploring the science of influence and how high performers leverage psychology to speak with persuasion and clarity. Here are 7 lessons from the book: 1. Unleashing the Power of Cognitive Biases: Most communication advice focuses on external factors like vocabulary or structure. This book flips the script by highlighting cognitive biases – mental shortcuts that shape how we perceive and process information. Understanding these biases allows you to speak directly to the way your audience thinks. For example, the availability bias suggests that information readily recalled is perceived as more likely. Use vivid stories, statistics, and relatable examples to make your message seem more probable and impactful. 2. Beyond Words, Tapping into Instincts: Effective communication isn't about complex jargon or flowery language. Andrei argues it&