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7 lessons from "Get to the Point!: Sharpen Your Message and Make Your Words Matter": 1. Clarity is Key: Communicate your message clearly and concisely to ensure it resonates with your audience and leaves a lasting impact. 2. Eliminate Fluff: Cut out unnecessary words and phrases to streamline your message and keep your audience engaged. 3. Know Your Audience: Tailor your message to the specific needs and preferences of your audience to increase its relevance and effectiveness. 4. Use Powerful Language: Choose words and phrases that pack a punch to captivate your audience and convey your message with maximum impact. 5. Craft Compelling Stories: Incorporate storytelling techniques to make your message more memorable and engaging, fostering deeper connections with your audience. 6. Practice Active Listening: Listen attentively to your audience's feedback and adjust your message accordingly to address their concerns and preferences. 7. Continuous Improvement: Strive to refine


THREE QUESTIONS  BY LEO TOLSTOY  "Three Questions" is a short story by Russian author Leo Tolstoy first published in 1885 as part of the collection What Men Live By, and Other Tales. The story takes the form of a parable, and it concerns a king who wants to find the answers to what he considers the three most important questions in life. Summary : The thought came to a certain king that he would never fail if he knew three things. These three things were ●What was the right time to begin everything? ●Who were the right people to listen to, and whom to avoid? ●What was the most important thing to do? He proclaimed that the ones who give the right answers shall be rewarded. Many learned men attempted to answer the king's questions, but they all came up with different answers. The king decided that he needed to ask a wise hermit in a nearby village. The hermit would only see common people, however, so the king put on common dress, left his guards behind, and went to see the