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"No More Mr. Nice Guy" by Robert A. Glover is a self-help book that addresses the "Nice Guy Syndrome," where men often prioritize others' needs over their own, leading to dissatisfaction and unfulfilled lives.  Here are eight insightful lessons from the book: 1. Recognize and Address Nice Guy Syndrome: The first step is to understand and acknowledge the existence of Nice Guy Syndrome. Nice Guys often suppress their own needs and desires in an attempt to gain approval and avoid conflict. Recognizing this pattern is crucial for change. 2. Embrace Your True Self: Glover emphasizes the importance of authenticity. Nice Guys often hide their true selves to be what they think others want them to be. Learning to express your true feelings, needs, and desires is essential for building genuine relationships. 3. Set Boundaries: Nice Guys struggle with setting boundaries because they fear rejection or disapproval. However, setting healthy boundaries is crucial for self-resp