7 Powerful Lessons from "It Takes What It Takes: How to Think Neutrally and Gain Control of Your Life"

1. Master the Neutral Mindset: The book challenges the traditional approach of focusing on positive or negative thinking. Instead, it advocates for developing a neutral mindset, where you observe your thoughts without judgment and choose how to react to them. This allows you to remain calm and collected in challenging situations and make clear-headed decisions.

2. Embrace the Power of "What is": Stop resisting what is happening in the present moment. Acceptance is key to regaining control. By acknowledging and accepting reality, you free yourself from the struggle of trying to force things to be different and empower yourself to take action based on the situation as it is.

3. Build Your "Internal Compass": Develop your own set of principles and values that guide your decisions and actions. This internal compass provides direction when faced with uncertainty and helps you stay true to yourself even when faced with external pressures.

Full lessons in the comment section. Happy reading! Stay tuned, I will be back...


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