Here are 12 Lessons from the book "The Road to Character" by David Brooks:

1. Humility is the Foundation: Recognize your limits and flaws, and appreciate the vastness of the world beyond yourself. True humility leads to openness, learning, and genuine connection.

2. Moral Fitness Matters More than Resume Values: Focus on developing your "eulogy virtues" like love, courage, and faith, rather than just "resume virtues" like intelligence and achievements.

3. Engage in the Struggle for Good: Building character is a lifelong journey, not a destination. Embrace moral challenges, resist self-centeredness, and actively cultivate virtues.

4. Practice "Long Obedience in the Same Direction": Develop sustained commitment to your values, passions, and relationships. Resist the allure of shortcuts and instant gratification.

5. Cultivate Humility through Faith and Rituals: Connect to something larger than yourself through spiritual practices and traditions. Rituals can remind you of your values and provide an anchor for moral development.

Full lessons in the comment section. Happy reading! Stay tuned, I will be back...

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