10 practical lesson from The Speed of Trust: The One Thing that Changes Everything

1. Build and Maintain Integrity: Act with honesty, authenticity, and consistency to build trust with others. Integrity forms the foundation of trust in all relationships.

2. Demonstrate Competence: Develop and showcase your skills, knowledge, and capabilities to earn the trust of others. Competence breeds confidence and reliability.

3. Show Transparency: Communicate openly and transparently, sharing information, and decisions to foster trust and understanding within your team or organization.

4. Practice Accountability: Take responsibility for your actions, admit mistakes, and learn from them to build trust through accountability and reliability.

5. Keep Commitments: Honor your promises and commitments to demonstrate reliability and build trust in your personal and professional relationships.

6. Listen First: Actively listen to others, seeking to understand their perspectives and concerns. Listening fosters trust by showing respect and empathy.

7. Extend Trust: Trust others first, empowering them and demonstrating your belief in their abilities. Extending trust can inspire reciprocal trust and collaboration.

8. Clarify Expectations: Clearly communicate expectations and understand others' expectations to minimize misunderstandings and build trust through alignment.

9. Confront Reality: Address issues and challenges directly, openly discussing concerns and seeking solutions to build trust through honesty and problem-solving.

10. Practice Loyalty: Support and advocate for others, demonstrating loyalty and commitment to their well-being and success to build enduring trust and strong relationships.


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