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The only time women know the important or significance of a good man/alpha male is when they are tired of being used by the b@d men, their central government smashed beyond repair & their breasts are sagging like rabbit ears, their body shape and texture is damaged beyond repair and their attitude and character is corrupted with the addictive nature of promiscuity

They only remember good men exist and wants to give him a chance when they are done living promiscuously, when they see that the bad men are no longer interested in them anymore, when they notice that they are running out of time.

I pity men who will decide to settle down with women such as this, they are bringing chaos into their life.

If she can't find a man in her prime time, she shouldn't find you in her finished moment AKA left overs

Her past and sexual history will not only haunt her alone, it will haunt you too.

Be wise, Judge such women harshly by their past.

Her past is her future with you in the picture.

Wait, if you're thinking that such women can still repent please don't waste your time, such women don't repent, they only go for sabbatical leave, break, or vocation and once they pin down a simp down, they come back to their normal default settings.

When you are ready to marry, go for a younger women with clean slate, judge her harshly by her past and if she passes, accommodate her.

Men are meant to start their own families not joining already existing one.
Let damaged people marry damaged people.

You are not the one that damaged those women so it's not your responsibility to fix them, don't avail yourself to be a rehabilitation center for any woman most especially if its the woman you want to marry, you are not trained for that.

Don't let any body blackmail you with the REAL MAN BULLSHIT.
It's wise to choose your battles carefully...



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